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Friends and supporters,

As a first-generation American, raised by an educator and an owner of a small pool cleaning business, my parents instilled the value of hard work in me at an early age. They worked day and night to ensure my two sisters and I graduated high school and went to college to expand our opportunities.

I was elected to the Florida House as the first LGBTQ Latino lawmaker, just months after the tragedy at Pulse nightclub in 2016. And during the six years I had the privilege of serving, not only did I fight to pass common sense measures to address gun violence, I fought to help hardworking Floridians struggling to put food on the table, keep the lights on, and a roof over their heads — Floridians just like my parents. 

But I knew the fight was not over. I could not sit back and watch Ron DeSantis and his allies in the legislature continue harming our state — I had to get back in the ring to fight for everyday Floridians who need someone in their corner fighting for them.

Hardworking Floridians need a champion in the Florida Senate they can count on to address the serious issues they’re facing. Someone who will stand up to bullies, fight for our families, and ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect. And you can trust me to not only put people over politics, but offer hope when we desperately need it. 

We deserve a Florida that’s affordable. A Florida where people have the freedom to be safe from gun violence. A Florida with reproductive freedom. A Florida where people living with disabilities get the services they need without lingering on a years-long waiting list. A Florida that invests in teachers and our future. A Florida that makes corporations pay their fair share instead of giving them taxpayer-paid handouts. A Florida with clean water, healthy manatees, and beautiful natural lands protected from pollution and the impacts of climate change.

Together, we can build an inclusive Florida that works for everyone and we are proud to call home.

That's the Florida we deserve, and that’s why I'm running for Florida Senate.


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