On the Issues

Environmental Protection & Clean Water

Protecting Florida’s Ecosystems

As a native Floridian, Carlos is deeply committed to protecting Florida’s diverse ecosystems, including lakes, forests, wetlands, and more.

Carlos has been repeatedly recognized by the Sierra Club’s Florida Chapter as a champion for always voting against legislation that would lessen environmental protections.

Throughout his time in Tallahassee, he has voted AGAINST bills that would destroy natural land or put any of Florida’s endangered species at risk. He’s also fought to establish MORE conservation areas in our state. He co-sponsored legislation that eventually became law to establish the Southeast Florida Coral Reef Ecosystem Conservation Area.

Since his election to the Florida House in 2016, Carlos has consistently opposed bad development deals east of the rural boundary which threaten the Econ River Basin, our wildlife and clean water. He recently joined his constituents in fierce opposition to the development known as “The Grow” as well as Susanee (Lake Pickett North) which shares a border with Seminole County.

Residents came out in full OPPOSITION to the Sustanee Lake Pickett North development that threatens our water, wildlife & Econ Basin! We need smart development near jobs & transit— not urban sprawl in rural East Orange & Seminole County! We can stop this. Say NO to Sustanee!

Clean Water

Carlos has been a vocal proponent of keeping our water safe and clean. He co-sponsored legislation that would ban fracking in our state, because the process releases dangerous chemicals that can infiltrate our groundwater.

He’s also co-sponsored legislation to limit the use of plastic bags in our communities that often end up polluting our beaches and waterways. He strongly believes that we should be working towards a solution on these issues and fighting to keep Florida’s water clean for its residents.

Promoting Clean Energy to Fight Climate Change

During the 2022 Legislative Session, Carlos was a vocal opponent of the bill to eliminate net metering, a huge incentive for solar energy in our state. He also co-sponsored a bill to create new renewable energy goals for Florida and prohibit further drilling or exploration for the production of oil and gas. He understands the importance of promoting our renewable energy industries and fighting back against attempts to make them more difficult to survive.

He is also committed to working towards practical solutions to address climate change. Carlos understands that climate change is one of the greatest threats to the future of our country and particularly, our state. He knows that rising sea levels could put our coastal properties at risk and rising temperatures threaten our vital agriculture industry. He’s been a vocal supporter of initiatives to fight against climate change and increase our reliance on renewable energy.