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Workers’ Rights and Stronger Unions

Better Jobs and Fairer Treatment for Workers

Carlos is a champion for working families and he understands that Floridians deserve a real living wage, good benefits like earned sick time and access to affordable medical treatment and lifesaving care. He will always stand up for workers and hold corporations accountable who treat employees unfairly.

Worker's Rights

We will never achieve full equality until every Floridian has the opportunity to earn a fair living wage. Florida’s minimum wage currently stands at a meager $8.56 per hour due to failed leadership in Tallahassee. More than ½ of all black workers and more than 60% of Latino workers make less than $15 per hour.

Carlos rallies workers for fair wages at Orlando City Hall

While Orlando may be the #1 tourist destination, we are dead last in wages. In Orlando, nearly 40% of all workers are paid less than $25,000 annually. This culture of poverty in Central Florida is costing taxpayers big time. The failure of the tourism industry to offer living wages and fair benefits, swells our welfare rolls and overflows our ER rooms — but the top 1% are content to live comfortably off the fruits of their labor.

Rep. Smith talks about struggles of tourism workers while Orlando theme parks earn record profits

We can fix this so that Floridians who work 40 hours a week don’t have to live in poverty! Increasing the minimum wage to a statewide living wage will put more money in hard working people’s pockets where they’ll spend it, which grows the economy and creates jobs, while saving taxpayers who won’t be forced to subsidize low wages with food stamps, Medicaid, and low-income housing.

"The right of employees, by and through a labor organization, to bargain collectively shall not be denied or abridged!"

Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith quotes the Florida Constitution on the House floor

Protecting Outdoor Workers from Heat Illness

As the sunshine state, Florida should be leading the nation in protecting outdoor workers who are at high risk for heat illness. That’s why Carlos introduced bipartisan legislation to protect outdoor workers from intense heat in Florida. All employers should adopt common sense procedures to ensure their workers have access to cool water, shade and short breaks during periods of intense heat. That includes worker and supervisor training on how to identify symptoms of heat stress and how to administer first aid to affected workers on the job.

A Voice for Florida's workers

“If it sounds like a union-busting bill, if it acts like a union-busting bill, and if it union busts like a union-busting bill, it’s a union-busting bill,”

Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith

Helping local workers unionize for better pay and wages (Check back for updates...)

Leading the charge to oppose union-busting legislation in Tallahassee (Check back for updates)